About The Author

Portrait Straight Ink Longer short hair

Kristina Cabochan lives in the Philippines, a country that sits on the equator and nestles in the dreams of its brown-skinned people. But she is of mixed Asian rice–I mean race, and she thinks she sounds kind of obnoxious writing in 3rd person point-of-view about herself. She had an idea to write something poetic and awesome here but as off now, she’ll just get straight down to the sexy, dirty details.

She is young, but not too young. Still in University though. Her particular mix is of Chinese, Filipino and Japanese descent. As far as she knows, anyway. Among all the glittering things in the world, Kristina loves learning and her interests include children’s literature like  Ender’s Game, The Little Prince and Holes (sometimes she reads things more suitable for her 19-year-old self like the Life of Pi, which she really loves), Michael Jackson, James Brown, funky music, Regina Spektor, pencil sketches, watercolor, happiness, psychological paradigms and jargon, Buddhism, Socrates and the Christian God, muscles, getting sweaty, smelling good, drinking fresh fruit shakes, microwaved melted cheese, old skool hip hop, funk styles, Avatar: The Last Airbender and the Lord of The Rings. Phew. That was a lot!

She delayed so long before starting to post on this blog because she wanted it to be just right. But she found out she couldn’t really decide on just one particular kind of post or audience for this blog so she’ll just lovingly treat it as her observational/idea journal and swipe file archives for all the interesting things the internet and the world holds in store for her curious mind. At least, she will do so as she goes along for a year. Perhaps, it will eventually decide for itself what it exactly wants to be.

Enjoy and God Bless!

You can read her unfiltered thoughts in http://livinginsentences.tumblr.com/.


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